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Earthmoving machinery services in Wairarapa

Reliable and efficient earthmoving services
All of our staff are highly trained and safety conscious, and will complete any job with outstanding results. Our earthmoving machinery services in Wairarapa have been streamlined to make the entire process as smooth and time-efficient as possible.

Quality assurance

G & C Diggers Ltd is a quality focused company and ensures each job is done to the highest standard, on time and to budget. We have systems in place to prevent any quality or safety issues that may arise on our site in Wairarapa

Health and safety

Our management and staff have high expectations when it comes to safety, whether it is personnel, sub-contractors or members of the general public. We have a high level of safety awareness and very high safety standards in our company. All staff are thoroughly briefed and are aware of their individual responsibilities.


We know the importance of being reliable and on time for every job. If you choose to use our earthmoving machinery services, we'll ensure to provide a professional service at all times. We place a high value on our reputation, and so we consistently strive to achieve the best standards.
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